Welcome to my world of captivating visuals and storytelling! I'm Orazio Sturniolo, but you can call me Oz – a passionate photographer and filmmaker, dedicated to bringing your stories to life through the lens.
With a specialization in portraits and a keen eye for cinematic narratives, I create images and films that go beyond the ordinary. I believe that every person has a unique story to tell, and my mission is to capture the essence of your journey, freeze your emotions, and present you in a way that resonates with your heart.
From the very beginning of my photography journey, I found an irresistible allure in portrait photography. The ability to encapsulate the essence of a person, conveying their memoir with a single image is both exhilarating and deeply rewarding. My formal education in photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio Calabria (Italy) provided me with a solid foundation in technical skills, composition, and visual aesthetics, enabling me to excel in my craft.
Beyond the realm of photography, I'm also an accomplished filmmaker. I successfully obtained a Master's degree in Digital Documentary at the University of Sussex, where I honed my skills in visual storytelling, digital media, and the art of crafting compelling narratives. This fusion of skills allows me to approach portrait photography with a cinematic eye, creating captivating visuals that go beyond the surface and delve into the heart of the narrative.
Whether you're an individual seeking a stunning portrait to celebrate a milestone, a couple in love looking to capture the magic of your relationship, or a business looking to convey your brand's story in a compelling way, I'm here to collaborate with you and bring your vision to reality. I find immense joy in connecting with my clients and creating art that holds emotional value and timeless significance.
My background in both photography and filmmaking allows me to approach projects with a holistic perspective, ensuring that the visual storytelling is coherent across all media. From the initial concept to the final edits, I pour my heart and soul into every step of the creative process, making sure that the end result exceeds your expectations.
Living in Sussex provides me with an abundance of inspiring backdrops, but I'm always eager to travel to your desired location to make your vision come true. Whether it's a portrait session in the picturesque streets of Brighton or capturing the beauty of your destination wedding in Sicily, I'm ready to embark on this creative journey with you.
If you're ready to collaborate, have any enquiries, or want to discuss your ideas, feel free to reach out via the contact page. Let's bring your stories to life and create visual masterpieces that you'll cherish for years to come.
I look forward to capturing your moments and telling your unique tale through the language of photography and filmmaking.
Warm regards, Oz (Orazio Sturniolo)​​​​​​​

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